My First Vintage Barbie!

Let’s clear one thing up, I have plenty of 1980’s Barbies in my burgeoning collection that some people, (probably whippersnappers), will think of as vintage.  But I will never consider a Barbie from the Superstar era as vintage.   My vanity will not allow it.   These are the dolls from my childhood. . . ya bunch of punks.

So this 1970 Standard Barbie is my first vintage Barbie.

Standard Barbie 1970

Standard Barbie 1970

She cost me $2 at an auction.   No one else wanted it so I had no competition.  I was with a bunch of old men who wouldn’t know a Yellowstone Kelley from a Style Magic Whitney, am I right?

Even though she is missing part of  her fingers I’m still so happy to have her.  I hope branching out into vintage isn’t a sign that this collection is getting out of control. 😉

Let me know what your first vintage doll was, or the story behind when you realized your collection was getting out of control!